Shoalwater Classic

A Message from Rockingham Triathlon Club
Rockingham Triathlon Club are looking forward to welcoming all competitors and spectators to the 2022 Perene Shoalwater Classic Triathlon.
The long running Shoalwater Classic Olympic distance triathlon has become a staple on the Triathlon Western Australia’s calendar, with the option of completing it as an individual or as a team, it is a race not to be missed!
The Shoalwater Classic takes place on one of the most picturesque triathlon courses in Western Australia. The swim takes place in the beautiful waters of Shoalwater Bay. There are usually minimal currents and waves which makes for a relatively fast swim. The multi-lap bike course is split into two segments. As you head out of transition the course takes athletes out towards Point Perron, the roads here are technical, twisty and narrow. Then athletes get enjoy the long fast section along Shoalwater Foreshore. The multi-lap run is along the beautiful Shoalwater Foreshore with views of Penguin Island and Seal Island.
Rockingham Triathlon Club is pleased to be able to invite the wider triathlon community to come along and join our members for a chance to race. The Shoalwater Classic at its basis is still a club event. Our races are organised and run completely by volunteers, for this reason we please ask for your kindness and patience, and please don’t forget to thank our wonderful volunteers throughout the course.
Rockingham Triathlon Club is an all-inclusive, family friendly club, so please also show consideration to your fellow competitors, especially on the semi-technical bike course as not all of us have the same level of bike handling skills.
Rockingham Triathlon Club would like to acknowledge and say thank you for the continuing support of our race naming sponsor Perene. Perene are a friendly, local Western Australian company making high quality, cycling & multisport apparel. They also do amazing custom orders so please check them out here
Once again, we can’t wait to see you all down at Shoalwater Bay in Rockingham for what will be a fantastic, fun filled day!

Event Details
Event Location
The event area and transition will be located at the Shoalwater Bay car park, near the Arcadia Drive and Gloucester Avenue intersection.
Registration is online only, please use the link below to EntryBoss to register for the triathlon. Entries close 11th March
Individual: $100
Register here

Teams: $140
Register here

Event Road Closures & Parking
Road closures for the Shoalwater Classic will be from 7am to 10:30am incorporating, Memorial Drive, Lease Road and Arcadia Drive from Boundary Road through to Seaforth Road.
The event parking is available in the northern section of the Shoalwater Bay carpark and north along Arcadia Drive (around 130 bays). Please note these parking spots will be subjected to the road closures between 7am-10:30am.
If you choose to park down one of the side streets please be considerate of the local residents, do not block any driveways, access ways, obstruct street traffic and/or park on someone’s lawn. As the event has an early start please keep the noise to a minimum (at least until you get to the event site).

Key Event Times
5am Shoalwater Classic Triathlon Set-up – event area & course
6am – 7am Race Pack Collection
6am – 7:15am Transition Open
7am Volunteer Briefing (for volunteers, volunteering during the race)
7am – 10:30am Road Closures
7:15am Compulsory Race Briefing, southern end of transition area
7:30am* Male competitor wave start
7:32am* Female competitor wave start
7:33am* Team competitor wave start
10:15am Bike Course Cut Off Time
11-11:30am Presentations
12pm Shoalwater Pack Away – event area & course
*Start times may change

Event Area

Shoalwater Classic event area map including locations and transition area

Race Pack collection
Race pack collection will be from 6am – 7am. Race pack collection site will be located on the south west shelter marked on the event area map. Race pack will include a timing chip, swim cap, race bib and some goodies. Please note:
• Swim caps are compulsory for the swim,
• Race bibs are compulsory for the bike and run,
• Timing chip to be worn on your left ankle.

Volunteer Sign in
Volunteers sign in will be from 6am – 7am. Sign in will be located on the south west shelter marked on the event area map

Transition (Bike Racking)
Transition will be open from 6am – 7am. There will be a dedicated area on the bike racks for the different distances, due to the nature of the carpark, bike raking will be on one side of the racks only. Entry into the transition area will only be from the location marked.

Bag Drop Area
Bag drop area located on the east side of the toilet block. Please refer to the event area map.

Hydration Stations
There will be two aid stations on the run, 1.25km apart. At the northern end of the run course, the Tailwind Aid Station will stock, Tailwind electrolyte, water, Coke & lollies. At the southern end of the run course, the Safety Bay IGA Aid Station will stock water.
There will be no aid stations on the bike course.

Club Alley
Our fellow triathlon clubs are welcome to set their club tents up along the run course as shown in the event area map.

Race Briefing
The compulsory race briefing will be held at 7:15am on the southern side of transition.

The Shoalwater Classic Triathlon is a Triathlon Australia sanctioned race, as such Triathlon Australia race rules apply.

Swim Course
The swim course consists of 2 lap, 750m course (1500m in total) located in the pristine Shoalwater Bay. The swim will begin with a ‘beach start’, competitors will then swim 200m directly out to sea to the first large orange buoy, competitors must swim around the outside of this buoy (buoy on their right-hand side). Competitors will then swim 275m to the second large buoy, competitors must again swim around the outside of this buoy (buoy on their right-hand side). Competitors will then swim the remaining 275m back to the swim start / exit, a small orange buoy will be placed at the shoreline, competitors must swim past the inside of this buoy (buoy on their left-hand side) prior to exiting the swim onto the beach, competitors will then run around a RTC tear drop flag and re-enter the ocean at the original swim start location and begin their second lap.

Swim rules will follow Triathlon Australia race rules, in addition:
• The instructions of water safety must be followed at all times.
• Swim caps are mandatory and will be supplied for all competitors.
• If the megaphone siren goes off, swim to the shore immediately.
• If in discomfort, raise your hand and the Secret Harbour SLSC (water safety) will provide assistance.

Bike Course
The semi-technical, 6 lap (40kms) bike course includes some tight turns and two ‘hair pin’ turn arounds. For this reason, we recommend competitors ensure they have spent some time practicing their bike handling skills.
The Course sets out north along Arcadia Drive from transition, before a right-hand turn onto Boundary Road then quickly into a left-hand corner onto Lease Road. This corner onto Lease Road is a sharp turn onto a narrow road, caution MUST be exercised on this corner, this is to ensure you don’t overshoot and come into contact with competitors coming back the other way. Competitors will then ride along Lease Road until making a left-hand turn onto Memorial Drive. Lease Road is a narrow road which will have outgoing and incoming competitors, for this reason it is compulsory for competitors to always keep both hands on their handlebars when traversing Lease road and overtaking must be single file only. Once on Memorial Drive competitors will head north until they reach the end of Memorial Drive and complete a U-turn to head back south. Competitors will then make a right-hand turn back onto Lease Road, head along Lease Road until performing a right-hand turn onto Boundary Road. Competitors will then turn left onto Arcadia Drive and ride all the way down to the U-turn near Seaforth Road. Competitors will then head back along Arcadia Drive past transition to begin their next lap.

Bike rules will follow Triathlon Australia race rules, in addition:
• Helmets must be fitted correctly and clipped on before removing your bike off the rack and on conclusion of the ride leg bikes must be placed back on the rack before unclipping and removing your helmet
• Please cross over the mount line before mounting your bike. Likewise, to dismount before crossing over the dismount line to conclude the bike leg.
• Stay left unless overtaking
• While road closures are in place, local residents may still use the road so please be mindful that cars can still appear on the course.
• No drafting – 7 metre draft zone.
• Headphones are not allowed.
• The instructions of traffic marshals must be followed at all times
• Competitors to always keep both hands on their handlebars when traversing Lease Road

Run Course
The run course is 2.5km long, with competitors completing 4 laps (10kms).
Competitors will exit transition and run south on the footpath alongside Arcadia drive until they reach Lions Park. Competitors will loop around Lions Park and head back towards transition. Once competitors return to the event area, they will perform a ‘hair pin’ turn-around near the toilet block and begin their next lap.

Run course rules will follow Triathlon Australia race rules, in addition:
• Please be mindful that the path on which the run leg will be held will remain open to the public during the duration of the triathlon

Finish & Recovery Area
The finish line is when you have crossed over the blue timing mat at the completion of your last run lap. When you have finished promptly exit left off the footpath into the recovery area
The recovery area will have water, Coke, Tailwind electrolyte, bananas and lollies. Please use this area to recover, if you are feeling unwell, please get the attention of one of the volunteers who will escort you to the First Aid station.

Race Dropouts
If for whatever reason you are unable to complete the race, please find the Race Director and let him know (will be based around recovery area) and return your timing chip.

First Aid
A First Aid post will be set up on the southern side of the event area as marked on the event area map.

Rockingham Triathlon Club would like to acknowledge and say thank you to the other fantastic sponsors of the Shoalwater Classic Triathlon

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